Nabeeya Peel Off Mask Tube Honey Gold

Rp 350.000

Peel Off Mask Nabeya mampu mengangkat komedo, maupun kotoran,dan mengangkat sel kulit mati.

Diamkan selama beberapa saat sampai kering baru diangkat dengan cara mengelupasnya agar hasilnya lebih optimal.



Gently exfoliates skin, removing, excess oil and wastes whilst honey extract within the product retains moisture, moisturizing and brightening skin. DIRECTION after appliying toner spread it all over the face except for around the eyes and mouth. after 10-15 minutes when it is dry, gently peel the mask off.


1). in case of side effects such as red rash, swollenness and/ or itching while using this product, or in case such symptoms appear by direct sunlight after usingit, consult a dermatologist immediately.

2). do not apply iton scars , eczema or dermatitis.

3). precautions for treatment and storage a keep it out of the reach of children, avoid direct sunlight.

4). do not apply around the eyes.